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Ummmmmm huh? I tried to play this, but had no idea what to do, or where to go, and just kept dying in the water stuff haha. I tried sucking up the glowy things but it wasnt really working for me. Atmosphere was cool tho

Hey mate, we've updated the project with the ending!

Check out controls and instruction now:)


cool promising game, played with pleasure, especially liked the atmosphere of anxiety and cats. ty and gl

Thanks, mate:)

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Cool game. Love the atmosphere of horror and meowing cats. :3 It is interesting and very exciting to pass this game. I really want you to add an ending, because the idea is just super. Especially I want to note the cool graphics.

Thanks ♡


I hope you will add the ending to make a goal of the game more clearly. Nice graphics and effects, especially, I like the vacuum cleaner model :) Also, I found interesting the mechanics of the moving platforms which make the big tower. Good job, wish you luck with finishing the game :)

Thank you, mate! The ending will come in December:)