A downloadable game for Windows

A first-person adventure game in a minimalistic and mysterious setting.

The world of the game is dying, we need to save souls of cats that remained on it, having managed to leave that world afterwards, to meet new horizons and new life...

🎮 Controls

- Moving - WASD
- Camera Rotation - Mouse
- Vertical Jump - Spacebar (do not run)
- 'Hulk' Jump - Spacebar (while running)
- Double Jump - Spacebar
- Wall Climbing - Spacebar (hold it in front of the walls)
- Fire - Left Mouse Button
- Highlight cats - 'E'
- Debug Vision without fog - 'V'
- Interaction with Ritual Altar - Right Mouse Button
- Crouch - Left Ctrl
- Pause - Esc
✨ Teleportation to Ritual Altar (if you don't want to collect cats) - 'P' ✨

Gamepad (PS4 layout):
- Moving - Left Thumbstick
- Camera Rotation - Right Thumbstick
- Vertical Jump - L1 (do not run)
- 'Hulk' Jump - L1 (while running)
- Double Jump - L1
- Wall Climbing - L1 (hold it in front of the walls)
- Fire - R2
- Highlight cats - R3
- Debug Vision without fog - 'Triangle'
- Interaction with Ritual Altar - 'Square'
- Crouch - L2
- Pause - Options

Ⓘ About

This game was made in 7 days for 2019 Epic MegaJam.

[Update of 30.12.2019]: We've added the ending and polished some bugs and mechanics.

You have to collect 5 cats in order to unlock middle section of the map, in the middle section you have to interact with Ritual Altar near the Cat statue (press right mouse button or 'square' on PS4 controller staying just in front of the altar, literally 1 step near it). After you hear gong sound you have to run and climb up to escape on balloon jumping inside of it!

[Update of 15.01.2020]: We've added new SFX, from now on the drum sound will guide you to the altar...

♡ Thank you for playing ♡

P.S. If you want to skip first part of the game - cat collecting - press 'P' on keyboard!


CatStranding_Win64.zip 214 MB
CatStranding_Win32.zip 188 MB


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Ummmmmm huh? I tried to play this, but had no idea what to do, or where to go, and just kept dying in the water stuff haha. I tried sucking up the glowy things but it wasnt really working for me. Atmosphere was cool tho

Hey mate, we've updated the project with the ending!

Check out controls and instruction now:)


cool promising game, played with pleasure, especially liked the atmosphere of anxiety and cats. ty and gl

Thanks, mate:)

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Cool game. Love the atmosphere of horror and meowing cats. :3 It is interesting and very exciting to pass this game. I really want you to add an ending, because the idea is just super. Especially I want to note the cool graphics.

Thanks ♡


I hope you will add the ending to make a goal of the game more clearly. Nice graphics and effects, especially, I like the vacuum cleaner model :) Also, I found interesting the mechanics of the moving platforms which make the big tower. Good job, wish you luck with finishing the game :)

Thank you, mate! The ending will come in December:)